The Power of the Entrepreneur

Let’s take a moment to recognize the impact of the American entrepreneur. Small business owners drive the American economy. They employ 50 percent of private sector employees and create $7.8 trillion in revenue each year. They focus on opportunities and won’t stop working until they achieve their dreams. 61 percent of small business owners work six or more days a week, and five years longer than the average American.

But, while you’re working hard to take care of your customers, employees, and family, who’s taking care of you and your future?

If you haven’t already, GCW Capital Group strongly advises small business owners to create an advisor team. The team is usually comprised of a financial advisor, attorney, accountant and an insurance professional. This group of experts will be there to provide strategies, ideas and options to prepare you for your future.

Ready to start assembling your advisor team? We can help. Contact GCW Capital Group today to learn more.