Brexit: What Does It Mean for You?

As you have heard by now, Britain voted to leave the European Union, sending shock waves of surprise around the world. With this uncertainty, the global financial markets responded negatively.

Britain's exit (known as "Brexit" in the media) will not happen immediately. This could take years to formalize. It remains anyone's guess as to how this move will impact the world economy moving forward. Therefore, we at GCW Capital can't stress enough the importance of not having a short term reaction to a long term issue.

Now more than ever, investors with a solid financial and investment plan should see the benefits of long term planning. Having a globally diversified and asset allocated investment strategy will help weather the short term storm that is upon us.

For younger investors, these changes are a reminder of the benefits of investing for the long term. For those approaching retirement, be sure to revisit your plan and stated time horizons for each bucket of money you plan to use during your retirement years. For us, these recent events provide us the opportunity to re-balance portfolios to ensure clients' asset allocation stays within their stated investment policy statement.

At GCW Capital, we view events like this as part of our ongoing efforts to assist long term investors in staying disciplined and sticking to their plans. Our investment philosophy accounts for this type of short term volatility.

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