Ensuring the Financial Health of Your Business

A few weeks ago, we talked about using the start of a new year as an opportunity to get your individual financial planning muscles in shape. The first quarter of the year offers a natural chance to review and/or reassess your goals and progress.

But if you own a business or lead one, right now is also a crucial time for assessing and strengthening your company’s own financial and risk management planning goals.

At GCW Capital Group, we have a long history of serving closely held and/or family held business owners and their key executives. From helping the owners transition the business to the next generation or helping them recruit, reward, and retain key talent.

Contact us today to schedule a confidential meeting or phone consultation to learn about our Business Financial Fitness assessments and planning services.

Some of the questions and topics we can help you address include:

• Planning carefully for potential or known business succession changes due to the death, disability or retirement of an owner. By openly discussing the pros and cons for your individual case, such as liquidation, selling to associates or others, or other options we can ensure you have the security of a plan before it’s needed. We’ll also help you coordinate with personal estate planning, to make sure that the value of the business is maintained.

• Reviewing ways to help you keep your best employees by assessing retirement plans currently offered, and options available. Together, we’ll create ways to meet any changing goals and needs of your business and its staff.

• Assessing and developing creative executive compensation plans to attract and retain your top leaders and talent.

• Developing Financial Literacy Workshops for your employees. GCW’s workshop program helps keep your employees on top of their own financial risks, challenges and opportunities—while increasing loyalty throughout your company.

Are you in need of a “personal financial trainer” for your business, while your other trainer takes care of your body? Give us a call today at 716-256-1682.

The new year is full of opportunity. We look forward to helping bring clarity and confidence to you as a business owner and leader.

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