GCW Principal Awards Annual Scholarship to Fredonia Senior

State University of New York at Fredonia (Fredonia) senior, Jennifer Hendel, was recently named the recipient of the school’s Waring Work Ethic Scholarship. The annual award is given to a Fredonia student who achieves academically while working for a minimum of 15-hours a week. In making the presentation, GCW Capital Group Principal and scholarship co-founder, Thomas Waring, detailed the evolution of the scholarship.

“I attended Fredonia and worked full-time while earning my education,” Waring stated. “That blended experience provided me a great work ethic as well as a strong respect for any college student balancing the challenges of school and job. That’s why in 2011 my wife Sarah and I decided to establish the Waring Work Ethic Scholarship, to honor both my alma mater and Fredonia students working double time to achieve.”

Hendel, a native of Holley, New York, grew up attending Holley Elementary and High Schools while working on her family’s farm after school and on weekends. At Fredonia, the 21-year old majors in Communication Disorders and Sciences, maintaining a 3.74 GPA, while working part time at the campus dining hall. Hendel acknowledges her early life experience as a training ground for her success.

“Hard work got me to this point,” Hendel said. “And while it is definitely stressful to work when you’re going to school, it’s rewarding to know that I can be self-sufficient and not have to rely on my dad for everything.”

A side note to Hendel's story is that her success has inspired her father to set up his own student scholarship fund at Fredonia. In acknowledging the bequeath, Hendel spoke of the dual impact of such an award.

“My dad loves Fredonia. He believes I couldn’t have chosen a better school and he wanted to give back in some way. He also knows firsthand the difference a scholarship like this can make. It not only helps to fund education, it helps the winners feel good about themselves and that means the world to any student. That’s why my I am very thankful to Tom and Sarah for the scholarship. It’s a tremendous financial help and also makes me feel proud that I was chosen to receive it.”

According to Waring, the outcome of this year’s scholarship presentation fully achieves their intended purpose of not only awarding students, but recognizing the families for raising their children to become contributing members of society.

“This is the sixth Waring Scholarship Sarah and I have presented and, to be honest, it’s emotionally moving to see what a difference it makes, not only for the recipients, but for their families as well. Clearly the Hendel Family ingrained a strong work and education ethic in their daughter and this scholarship acknowledges their efforts as well as her achievements. To know that Jennifer’s success has encouraged her father to set up a new scholarship at Fredonia is doubly rewarding.”

ABOUT THE WARING WORK ETHIC SCHOLARSHIP (WWES): The Waring Work Ethic Scholarship is a general college need scholarship awarded yearly at the State University of New York at Fredonia (Fredonia). It was established in 2011 by Fredonia alumni, Tom Waring (’80), and his wife, Sarah. Students who receive the WWES award must be contributing a significant portion of their tuition at Fredonia by working a minimum of 15-hours a week during the academic year and what would be considered full-time during the summer. Characteristics such as commitment, dependability, reliability and other attributes that distinguish the applicant’s strong work ethic and ability to balance work and educational responsibilities are important considerations. **For more information on the Waring and other FSU scholarships,click on this link: http://fredonia.smartcatalogiq.com/en/2013-2014/Catalog/Admissions-and-Financial-Aid/Scholarship-Opportunities