Meet Our Team: Tyler Shaw, Associate

Tyler Shaw officially joined the GCW Capital Group team in December 2016, following his graduation from Fredonia State College with a degree in Finance. But his GCW experience really goes back to 2013, when he joined us as a high school intern. His motivation? A heartfelt desire to help others.

“When I was only nine, and living in Florida, financial hardship changed my future,” he explains. “My parents could no longer pay the bills, we were evicted, and our house went into foreclosure. I ended up living with my grandmother in Hamburg, along with my mother and two younger brothers.”

Tyler decided to channel his early life experience into a personal mission: to help others avoid similar suffering, by assisting them in planning their financial futures.

During college, Tyler continued learning by working summer and winter breaks for our office. He gained his first insurance license while just a freshman at Fredonia State. Then two years later, he took and passed the Series 65 exam to become a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)—while only a junior in college.

“Working here, and in this field, is my dream job—it’s everything I’ve ever wanted,” he says. “Helping our clients navigate through life to achieve goals, and to leave legacies for their children and grandchildren is a privilege. I feel lucky to have such a fulfilling life and career.”

Call Tyler to talk finances (or baseball—he played all through school and now coaches his 14-year-old brother’s travel baseball team) at 716-256-1682, ext. 6, or email him at