Resurgence Brewing and GCW Capital

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Jeff Ware, Resurgence Brewing Owner

Recently we met with Chris Ware, co-owner of the popular Resurgence Brewery, located on Niagara Street in Buffalo. While Chris didn’t need our advice on beer brewing (too bad, ‘cause we’ve got some great ideas for new brews) he was looking for guidance on a 401K plan for Resurgence employees.

The thing is Chris and his co-owner/brother Jeff, have a different take on the people who work for them. Rather than staff, they consider each employee part of their Resurgence family, bound by innovation, creativity and a love for the brewery and each other.

After talking with Chris and hearing his distinctive definition of their employees, we went to work and were able to advise him on a 401K plan well-suited to the needs of his unique company. After all, we want to ensure the future of people crafting and serving fantastic beers like Resurgence IPA, Cosmic Truth Session IPA and Sponge Candy Stout.

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