What is the True Value of Your Financial Advisor?

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It happens every time.

People make an initial appointment to come to my office because of the performance, or non-performance, of their investment account. Then, once they arrive, they’re surprised when our conversation doesn’t immediately jump to their finances.

What we do talk about is their family, their friends, their community and their life goals. Then we discuss my number one ideal as a financial advisor---that the fees you pay a professional advisor, over time, should come back to you, the same as any investment.

Here’s why.

It’s easy for an investment advisor to say they provide financial planning for “free,” wrapping it into an advisor/broker fee they charge on your portfolio. Yet what I continually hear from prospective clients is that they never receive any of that planning advice. Instead their 1% or 1.5% fee gets them a decent asset allocation strategy---nothing more.

Truthfully the fees you pay a financial advior should not be a hard cost. Rather, they should provide a return, just like any investment. That’s why, when it comes to your money, you should be looking for an advocate focused on coordinating all aspects of your financial life, not just someone who claims they can provide you with a good return on your investments which, realistically, is a claim completely dependent on volatile market fluctuations

As an everyday investor working to save for retirement, you don’t need a fancy or sophisticated investment “buy/sell” strategy layered with fees.

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  • You need to lower your investment costs, set up a solid asset allocation and create a diversified investment strategy.

  • You need to accumulate assets in the right places for tax diversification, choose the most prudent social security strategy, save on estate taxes and lower your income tax exposure.

  • You need to create a budget, pay down debt more efficiently and stay disciplined and on course by understanding that the spending decisions you make today impact your finances in the future.

  • You need a true FIDUCIARY financial advisor who is bound by law to always put your interests first.

You need GCW Capital Group.

Give me a call and let’s meet. After we talk about your family, your friends, your community and your life goals, then we can partner on putting together a plan that will put you first and grow your core wealth.