GCW Capital Group Earns Employee Engagement Award

GCW Capital Group has been awarded, The Committed to Engagement Award™, for progress made in 2017.

Engagement Award.png1500.png

The award is earned by companies and organizations that have demonstrated, and have had independently verified, a commitment to improving employee engagement.

In announcing the recognition, GCW Capital Group Principal, Shawn Glogowski, detailed the process of earning the award.

"We know everyone at GCW Capital Group is key to our client’s overall satisfaction. That's why we emphasize that from the moment a client walks in our office, our mission is to make them feel welcome and clearly communicate their personal and financial needs matter to everyone, from the reception desk to the boardroom. Winning this award, based on confidential employee engagement and feedback, validates our mission and all we do to achieve it.”

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To receive The Committed to Engagement Award, an organization’s engagement levels must be measured throughout the organization on a regular basis, and it must provide a confidential and anonymous feedback system for all employees to share views and make suggestions on how the organization can improve. Recipients must achieve engaged status, as voted by employees/ team members, for a minimum of 6 months in a year.

The Accredited Engaged Organization Award™ is recognition that the organization has achieved the highest level of engagement based on confidential and anonymous feedback from its entire team.