Video Series to Offer In-depth and Varied Financial Information

Working to provide expert advice through today's most popular form of communication, GCW Capital Group is kicking off a monthly video series that will address key financial issues.

           GCW Capital Group Principal                              Tom Waring

           GCW Capital Group Principal
                             Tom Waring

"Each month these videos will focus on a different financial subject, supplemented with related social media posts" said GCW Capital Group Principal, Tom Waring. "The idea is to go more in-depth on financial subjects we know are important to our clients and potential clients, allowing us to more fully prove our advisory value in the ways we can help individuals and businesses grow their core wealth.

The videos will be shared via newsletter as well as online through this website and all Company social media outlets. Each month will feature two or more members of the GCW Capital Group Staff, providing viewers the ability to become more familiar with the entire team.

The schedule of videos is set through the remainder of 2018.

  1. June---Millennials
  2. July---Defining Wealth
  3. August---Business Roundtable
  4. September---Children and Money
  5. October---Succession Planning
  6. November---Four Elements of Core Wealth
  7. December---Community and Giving

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