GCW Capital Group Webinar: Defining Family Core Values for Personal and Professional Success

Family Core Values.jpg

In this GCW Capital Group Webinar, GCW Principals, Tom Waring and Angela Hall, are joined by Workplace and Professional Development Consultant, Michael Klein, PsyD., in discussing the importance of family core values for personal and professional success.

Topics include:

  • Examining the impact of defining core family values on your family and family business.

  • Defining common pillars of family philosophy that can be helpful during challenging situations and difficult conversations.

  • Discussing the ways common core values drive what you and your family WANT to do, as opposed to what you can do.

  • Using psychometric (aptitude and personality trait testing) tools to help assess your family member's individual values/motivators.

  • Determining how differing values of each famiy member can create family conflict and how to best manage that conflict.