GCW Capital Group Featured on International Stage

Tom at Family Business Challenge.jpg

In January GCW Capital Principal, Tom Waring, was one of 51 world business leaders invited to serve as a judge for the 2019 Grossman School of Business Global Family Enterprise Case Competition. The Grossman School is a division of the University of Vermont, located in Burlington.

The competition is an annual event focused on preparing participants to understand the critical issues unique to family enterprise. The format involves participants being given complex family business cases to analyze and manage, using the knowledge and expertise they have developed in the classroom.

During four tough rounds of competition, teams present their cases to a panel of judges who determine which group best understood, analyzed and presented the case. By the end of the competition, winners in both Graduate and Undergraduate Divisions are chosen. This intensely competitive, four-day event is organized by Grossman students. It is the only family business case competition presented on a global level.

GCW Capital Principal, Tom Waring and 2019 Grossman School of Business Global Family Enterprise Case Competition Participant, Cole Green. 350.jpg

Due to the event's prestigious reputation, this year's competition attracted 25 teams of more than 200 competitors from six countries and across five continents. In total attendees amassed more than eighty thousand miles traveling to the event.

Pictured here are Tom and Cole Green, a UVM student and competition lead coordinator. According to Green the impact of organizing a competition of this scope is long-ranging.

“I have a passion for entrepreneurial family firms with aspirations to pursue a career in real estate. UVM’s belief in the value of experiential education and sustainable innovation has honed my appetite for more rewarding work in future endeavors.”

GCW Capital is dedicated to engaging with organizations that bring together financial leaders from around the world, supporting future industry leaders and gaining experiences that can ultimately benefit our firm and our clients.