Life Insurance as Retirement Income

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It’s hard to believe how fast our senior years sneak up. Suddenly, we're thinking about retirement and the transition from working for our financial capital to having that capital work for us.

Over the past 37 years of advising clients on their financial planning needs, we at GCW Capital Group have found that many people have never reviewed the life insurance they acquired years ago, usually under very different personal circumstances.

Additionally, many have never considered the role that life insurance might play in providing additional retirement income.

Recently our group conducted a client financial review. After analyzing the results, we concluded that it was possible for individuals who expressed concerns about providing for loved ones who survive them to balance those concerns by using life insurance to earn additional retirement income on a tax-favorable basis.

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That balance would obviously vary based on current income needs, life expectancies and legacy objectives with such considerations requiring a conversation with a professional knowledgeable in such strategies.

If this concept is of interest to you in preparing for retirement, or in enhancing the retirement income you are currently earning, please contact us at our office 716-648-2412, or email me at Let’s work together in creating a retirement you can enjoy and will provide you peace of mind for the future.