Webinar Series Pt. 1 Are You Riding The College Merry-Go-Round with Your Children?


The first topic for our webinar series is one that our clients have defined for us. It's about the challenges families face as they ride the college merry-go-round with their children in considering, visiting and selecting just the right school.

College is a major life choice, not only for the student, but for their families who often partner in the financial burden and help manage the emotional ups and downs of choosing and living in the world of higher education.

With all that in mind, the areas we will discuss in our college merry-go-round webinar will include:


  • College is a major decision with financial and relationship implications
  • Lifecycle---individuation is a normal development stage (to be celebrated, not resisted or ignored)
  • Stress of marketplace---colleges are not third party, objective counselors.

Family communication (Keeping the lines of communication open)

  • Understanding how parents and children are wired
  • Using a model that depersonalizes conflict, opens communication, sets the stage for future decision-making, relationship

Individual personality/motivators (how your child is wired)

  • Personality - hardwiring
  • EQ - emotional and social skills
  • Motivators
  • Career interests
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Are you a parent riding the college merry-go-round with your child(ren)? If so, please join GCW Capital Group Principals, Tom Waring and Angela Hall along with renown business and family business advisor, Michael Klein PsD. for this online presentation that will include Q&A.

Wednesday, September 25th 1pm-2pm.

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All webinars are free of charge

For more information email: info@gcwcapital.com.