Ensuring the Financial Health of Your Business

Ensuring the Financial Health of Your Business

Are you in need of a “personal financial trainer” for your business, while your other trainer takes care of your body? The new year is full of opportunity. If you own a business or lead one, right now is a crucial time for assessing and strengthening your company’s own financial and risk management planning goals. Flex your business fitness muscles and use the start of 2017 efficiently. Call us today for a sweat-free "workout" with even better results. 

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2017: The Year of Financial Fitness

As 2017 begins, we’re reminded of the multiple things we set out each year to accomplish. For many, it means getting back into the gym and cutting a few pounds loose. However, the start of the new year shouldn’t just be spent on pumping up or slimming down.

We at GCW propose also using the new year as a chance to get your financial planning muscles in shape. The first quarter of the year offers a natural chance to review and/or reassess your goals and progress. Consider it a “weigh-in” and training update with your “personal” fiduciary

A recent poll by Marist University cites “spending less and saving more money” as one of the top resolutions for 2017. A new year can bring any number of major life changes, and now is the time to address them. Your financial planner can help clear the clouds of uncertainty, and help you achieve your resolutions and financial goals.

What to Keep in Mind?

Most people tend to get derailed from their resolutions. Only 10% follow through. Thirty-two percent of those who made a resolution don’t even partially complete their resolution.

At GCW, we advise setting a business goal-—not a resolution. Studies show that we are three times more likely to follow through on business goals than resolutions. So setting a measurable and realistic goal, and holding yourself accountable is one great step to ensure your goal will be accomplished.

Going even further, we are nine times more likely to follow through on business “decisions.” If your goal is to improve your retirement plan by the end of the year, make it a decision to do so. As your financial planners, we’ll do our very best to help you succeed.

Have a resolution, goal or decision to make? We at GCW look forward to dedicating our time, knowledge, and resources to help you achieve the best possible outcomes this year, no matter what your goals might be.

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