After more than 30 years of operating its financial planning and investment management business under a broker/dealer model as Waring Financial Group, GCW Capital, LLC was created to give its principals an independent and transparent platform to better serve their clients. 

As a fee based Registered Investment Advisor, GCW Capital’s advisors can focus on helping clients navigate the complex landscape of personal financial and investment planning with unbiased advice and guidance. Our fiduciary duty to our clients is to always put their interests in front of our own without exception. 

At GCW Capital Group, our approach to investment management is based on the belief that all great investment plans start with solid financial planning.  From your financial plan, we can help develop customized portfolios that fit each goal and time horizon.  Our goal is to give our clients access to the capital markets using a transparent process providing efficient, low cost, diversified portfolios. 

Investment Philosophy

We believe the following:

  • As an investor, you must believe in the long term equity markets and approach your investments with patience and discipline.
  • You should develop and live by a well thought out investment policy statement.
  • In an effort to truly manage and grow your core wealth, the best approach is to use solid asset allocation strategies, properly diversify across all prudent asset classes, and re-balance the portfolio to keep it within your investment policy statement.
  • Fees, expenses, and trading costs should be closely monitored and kept to a minimum whenever possible.
  • Do not let emotion dictate your investment decisions. Greed or panic in response to a current short term economic or market event will hurt your long term performance and success.
  • Do not speculate with core wealth.
  • Always be aware of proper tax management with in a portfolio but do not let taxes be the driving factor in your global decision making process.
  • There is such a thing as over diversification and under diversification. Finding the right exposure for each asset class is key to your success as an investor.