Our Why is simple: HC > FC - This formula states that human capital (HC) is greater than your financial capital (FC).  Many firms focus first on the numbers, at GCW Capital we take a different approach by first learning about you, your family and all the things that are important to you.  We do this by asking great questions that help you gain clarity on what you are trying to accomplish.

Our Mission is to be your source for financial clarity, confidence, leadership, support, achievement and significance. 

This mission is also the backbone of our process.  We believe that without clarity first, there will never be a true understanding of your financial future.  Clarity gives you the confidence to make educated financial decisions that are in your best interest.  Our advisors are here to provide leadership in helping you make those decisions and continual ongoing service and support.

Our Core Values are teamwork, integrity, commitment and confidentiality.  Everyone who works at GCW Capital Group must adhere to these four critical values without exception

Our Value Proposition (What You're Paying For)

  • A firm that is passionate about the financial planning process
  • Advisors who are results oriented, live their mission statement and protect your greatest asset – time!
  • A team of individuals that have devoted their lives to serving our clients best interests
  • A team of professionals who have devoted their lives to constantly learning and adapting to the ever-changing financial landscape
  • A financial “Quarterback” to ensure you accomplish your goals and coordinate all aspects of your financial life
  • A firm committed to advocating for you and your family for many years to come
  • A team of advisors who will get to know every aspect of you, your family, and your situation and help you navigate all the options that are in your best interest
  • An approach to wealth and investment planning that is truly different from the typical experience
  • Technology to help organize and prioritize your financial life

What We Will Not Provide

  • A crystal ball or prediction of the stock markets
  • A discussion or prediction of how the economy or political landscape will impact you or your investments
  • A quick “cookie-cutter” solution to your situation
  • A reactive relationship or stand-alone transaction (our clients must be engaged at all times)
  • A judgmental view of your situation or what you have accomplished to date

Questions to ask as you search for a professional advisor:

  • How will your process help me think more clearly about my financial future?
    • When you leave your planners office you should have a feeling of understanding and clarity on your personal finances and have confidence you are on the right path to reach your goals. 
  • Will you advocate for me in ALL areas of my financial planning?
    • So often we see that advisors say they will help in all areas of a client's planning but only focus on their specific area.  At GCW Capital Group we not only focus on our areas of expertise but bring in experts such as attorneys and accountants to help develop and implement a comprehensive plan.
  • What is the culture of your group?
    • Choosing a financial planner is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.  You should plan on creating a lifetime relationship with the firm you choose.  A firm with a strong culture of teamwork and integrity will greatly increase your chances of success. 
  • How is your firm compensated and are you a fiduciary?
    • It is important to choose an advisor who must put your interests in front of his or her own (fiduciary standard).  Firms who have a broker/dealer affiliation may have a conflict of interest since they are paid commissions for recommending certain investment products.  
  • What credentials and experience do you have?
    • With so many choices for professional advisors, be sure to find one with a strong educational background and professional credentials.  
  • Do you use an individual or team approach to my planning?
    • Ideally, your advisor will work with a team of professionals in his or her office to help create your financial plan.  It is important to know this up front so you can ask to meet your team and get to know each persons role, responsibilities, and backgrounds.