At GCW Capital Group, we pride ourselves on a long history of serving closely held and/or family held business owners and their key executives.  From helping the owners transition the business to the next generation or helping them recruit, reward, and retain key talent.

Business Planning:  Planning for closely held or family-owned businesses has to do with what will or should happen to the business at the death, disability or retirement of an owner. Should the business be liquidated, sold to associates or others, or continued by the family? What is the value of the business now as a going concern, what will it be worth to the family and what will the estate taxes be? How will loss of value be made up for the family? Business Planning needs to be coordinated with personal estate planning to make sure that control and value of the business is maintained. 

Succession Planning: There are three alternatives at the death, disability or retirement of a business owner. One is for the business to be continued by family members if they are ready, willing and able to do so. Money may be needed to pay taxes and provide income during a transition. Second is for the business to be sold to associates (partners or co-stockholders or key employees). Money may be needed to fund a buy-sell agreement. Third is the business may have to be liquidated if other options don't work. Money may be needed to make up for loss value and income.

Retirement Plans: Our team of advisors will help your business create, implement, and monitor your companies retirement plan.  From traditional 401(k)/profit sharing plans to SEP or SIMPLE IRA plans our team can help you meet your goals to provide a benefit to any or all of your employees. 

SERP or Key Executive Retirement Plans: In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial to have solid benefit plans in place to attract and retain your key executives.  We have decades of experience in helping our business owner clients implement creative compensation plans to offer maximum benefit to not only the executive but the business as well.

Employer Provided Financial Literacy Workshops: At GCW Capital Group, we recognize the importance of education and understanding as it pertains to financial decisions.  As an employer you undoubtedly recognize the necessity of your employees being well informed with regards to financial risks, challenges and opportunities.

In response to the growing concern over retirement preparedness and general financial health of employees, we are pleased to provide you with a customized series of employee workshops.  Please contact us to discuss how this might fit for your company.