At GCW Capital Group, we take pride in being a holistic and comprehensive planning firm and we aim to be your advocate in any and all areas of your personal finances. The video below explains who we are:

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Personal Financial Planning: Your Personal CFO

Financial planning is a process NOT a product!  Planning should bring you clarity on where you are today, where you want to go, & how to make educated financial decisions along the way that move you towards your goals.  Our financial planning process will help you integrate and organize every aspect of your financial life.  As a single-source financial advocate, GCW Capital works collaboratively with clients’ advisors to create a focused, vertically integrated strategy that drives all present and future financial-related decision-making. Our firm’s platform for streamlining the financial planning process enables us to coordinate each client’s financial matters.

Most of our clients retain us to be their “personal CFO.” We coordinate all aspects of your financial life, including retirement planning, asset management, risk management, estate planning, insurance, children’s college education, etc.  Attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers and investment managers can offer invaluable advice, but most offer services independent of one another.  It is often up to you to sift through the individual recommendations, evaluating each to determine which are the most appropriate.  The ideal solution is an advisory firm that can help define and achieve your unique, long-term goals through a comprehensive, holistic program.

As core wealth grows, many affluent individuals express concern that their financial lives are increasingly complex.  Cutting-edge technology gives our clients the ability to organize everything you own and consolidate it all in one clear picture, on a secure and private website.  We update your accounts daily so you can monitor your cash flow and see your bottom line at any time.  This frees you from the smallest (but often the most critical) details of wealth management, giving you the freedom to devote more time and attention to other important aspects of your life.

Watch the video below to learn more about our planning process:


Investment Management

Your investment decisions should be based on a process and planning, not on emotion, an attempt at market timing, or speculation. A solid investment plan should be based on your financial plan which allows you to dictate your goals for all of your investments. From there you can create asset allocation and diversification strategies for each investment and time horizon.

As wealth managers, we help you make informed decisions for your financial future.  We actively monitor your investment portfolio to keep pace with the ever-changing market conditions.  Every investment is evaluated for risk, return, expenses, and tax characteristics.


Risk Management:  

Our insurance brokerage, GCW Risk & Benefit Solutions, identifies creative strategies and flexible policies to meet your needs throughout different stages of life.  With our comprehensive product portfolio, you can select products from some of the most well known carriers to customize your coverage.  From long term care planning to disability income insurance, our specialists help you select the appropriate insurance to address your personal and business needs.  See this page for more information.