If you are using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and attempted to watch our videos, you may have received an error or blank screen. The solution is extremely simple and requires only two clicks. When Chrome or Firefox blocks an "unsecured" video, the only indication you may be given is a small shield at the top of your browser on the address bar. Clicking on this shield will provide you with an option to load the "unsafe script" or "disable protection" from our videos when you are visiting GCWCapital.com. Once you take this action our videos will load successfully from now on!

GOOGLE CHROME (Click to Zoom)


Often the reason for this error is the result of Chrome or Firefox protecting you from what it believes is "unsecured" content. Our website uses "embedded" videos throughout our webpages; videos from our 24 Hour CFO partner that are located on their secure servers. The videos contain no known security risks. For further information on the actions taken by Chrome, Click Here. For an in-depth look at Firefox's "unsecured content" response Click Here. Keep browsing safely!